8 February – Your darkness pulls

They say that the music business can be a difficult one to get into, which is probably why the current crop of talent shows around Europe won’t go away. Of course, many recent performers have come via that route.

But there’s another way. If you come from a musical family, you’ll have grown up surrounded by talented people who’ll hear you sing and get you places. Of course, today’s birthday girl Svala Björgvinsdóttir probably got there on her own merits, despite her being the daughter of Björgvin ‘Bo’ Halldórsson. As you’ll know Bo did the Eurovision thing in 1995. So maybe it was fate that Svala would follow in 2017. Sadly, Svala had less success than her dad, but we won’t go into that. However, she does a great line in body art.

Svala is 42 today.

Til hamingju með afmælið, Svala!