Is this the reason why Yugoslavia is in ikkle bittie pieces?

Well no, clearly, but when you hear this you’ll wonder if were this in Jugovizija 1991, would the country have broken apart immediately?

The beginning of the century was full of Eurovision newness. New songs, new rules and new countries – Croatia being one of them. For the satellite – and early internet streaming age – they had already stretched us far by making sure their national selection – Dora (si bueno …) had TWENTY SIX songs and TWENTY regional juries. This was long before Portugal and Malta standardised that as stuff of nightmares. And so, with Real Player (remember) dying on us EVERY SINGLE TIME, nerves were fraught.

So it’s not surprising, therefore, that Josip’s nerves got to him in the Crystal Ballroom… I say nerves … I suspect his voice, his hair, his look, his song AND his performance were all too too too much for … well …  everyone.

And let me remind you – before you hear this song – this finished in tenth position. Whats that? An envelope full of cash?