Keep it flying high Portugal

Welcome back to the first in a brand new off-season Video Vault.  I can almost see you salivating with excitement (though not you at the back, doing that is just creepy!).

With the help and assistance of Mr Nick D and others of this parish, we shall, every Friday (without fail, oh yes indeed) guide you through Europe’s forgotten backwaters of song, thereby making you wish we had not dug them up.

So, to start with, Nick and I have had a bit of a conversation by the wonderful Book of Face and decided that it is only right and proper to start with something from the current Kings of Eurovision: Portugal.

Ahhh Portugal, what a fine treasure trove of goodies this could have been. Would it have been a song about all of the lands that they conquered and then gave back? Would it have been a song about telling the time and my cheating lover? Would it be a song about racial harmony described as an ice cream flavour?

No, none of these hit the spot.  However the deeper we delved, the more obvious the choice became.  For all of you Corbynista’s out there … this one is CLEARLY for you.