Well Deller and I have had a conflab via the medium of the book of face and have decided that this off-season we're going to change tack and actually put some DECENT stuff in the video vault because, well, you can't have everything shite on line - that's what Youtube is for?

So, as a taster to this season's selection box... and to show off my limited video editing skills - watch THIS one and think " If only 1985 (The best year ever) had this instead of Ole Ole..."


  1. This was her 3rd and last K’dam.
    Eventually,Yardena will have her big dream and will manage to get to Eurovision, without having to compete in a proper K’dam.

    Trivia question- one of the backing singer also participated in Eurovision as a main act. Can you identify him/her and in which year he/she competed?

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