13 October – It will be necessary that you love me

False flagger alert! If you’re offended by people from one country singing for another, you may wish to look away. But there is a very good reason today. Today’s false flagger’s own country didn’t début for another 11 years.

That makes it OK in our book. After all, it wasn’t the fault of today’s birthday girl Νάνα Μούσχουρη/Nana Mouskouri (née Ιωάννα Μούσχουρη/Ioanna Mouschouri) that Greece wasn’t there. So Luxembourg picked her instead. Luxembourg had a habit of picking non-Luxembourgers to sing, so her selection was nothing unusual. She came eighth, but has had a long career since. And we last saw her announce the start of the voting in 2006. And she’s still touring. How many other ladies of her age are still doing that?

Nana is 88 today.

Bonne anniversaire/Χρόνια πολλά, Nana/Νάνα!