Eurovision Song Contest – Heads of Delegation

For each participating broadcaster, there must be at least one person available to act as ‘Head of Delegation’. The project manager who oversees all aspects of an entry to the contest.

Heads of Delegation meeting 2019
Heads of Delegation meeting 2019

They attend pre-contest briefings and meetings that take place between editions of the competition. Not all of these people are part of the Eurovision Reference Group.

During the Eurovision week, they head up the team from each broadcaster and make sure that all is going to plan. If an artist or anyone in the team is unhappy, they should channel their concerns through their head of delegation.

They may oversee or have a say in the national selection process, but this isn’t always their job. They don’t always look after accreditation, so it’s probably not worth sending them a begging letter if you’ve not been confirmed a bar stool at the Euroclub.

2024 Eurovision Song Contest Heads of Delegation

This list changes all the time, and if you find we’ve got the wrong person listed, feel free to let us know.

  • Albania: Kleart Duraj
  • Armenia: David Tserunyan
  • Australia: Josh Martin
  • Austria: Stefan Zechner
  • Azerbaijan: Vasif Mammadov
  • Belarus: Olga Salamakha
  • Belgium: Maarten Verhaeghen assisted by Lise Cable (RTBf) or Birgit Simal (VRT)
  • Bulgaria: Joana Levieva-Sawyer
  • Croatia: Kazimir Bacic
  • Czech Republic: Kryštof Šámal
  • Cyprus: Evi Papamichael
  • Denmark: Molly Plank
  • Estonia: Mart Normet
  • Finland: Terhi Norvasto
  • France: Alexandra Redde-Amiel
  • Georgia: Natia Mshvenieradze
  • Germany: Alexandra Wolfslast
  • Greece: Sofia Dranidou
  • Iceland: Felix Bergsson
  • Ireland: Michael Kealy
  • Israel: Yoav Ginai
  • Italy: Simona Martorelli
  • Latvia: Zita Kaminska
  • Lithuania: Audrius Giržadas
  • Malta: John Bundy
  • Moldova: Vitalie Cojocaru
  • Montenegro: Nataša Baranin
  • Netherlands: Lars Lourenco
  • North Macedonia: Meri Popova
  • Norway: Stig Karlsen
  • Portugal: Carla Bugalho Trindade
  • Poland: Maja Frybes
  • Romania: Mişu Predescu
  • San Marino: Alessandro Capicchioni
  • Serbia: Ilic Dragan
  • Slovenia: Aleksander Radic
  • Spain: Ana María Bordas
  • Sweden: Lotta Furebäck
  • Switzerland: Yves Schifferle
  • Ukraine: Oksana Skybinska
  • United Kingdom: Adam Wydrzynski