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Video Vault

Video Vault – At least it’s not My Pet Parrot…

In this episode of the Video Vault Phil asks the question "Why on Earth have Ireland not won this thing a million times" and...

Video Vault – Imitation is the best form of flattery … really?

In this week's Video Vault, Phil explains why you should never plagarise anything, even if you think its a great idea!

Be grateful Europe

The Netherlands has a history of being not very good in this contest, despite the recent past ... so back in 2010, someone somewhere...

Video vault… No Mr Bond, I expect you to sing!

In This week's video Vault Phil reveals that all that glistens is not a gold finger, but more scaring the living daylights of you...

Video Vault – Week 9 – I swear I’ve heard this before?

In this instalment of the Video Vault Phil has his breath taken away by how shockingly bad Germany can be. Then remembers...



Eurovision Babylon