Eurovision links


The Interweb is home to many fine sites that celebrate the Eurovision Song Contest. Most lack individuality – if you want to read the same ‘news’ ten times over with no commentary or insider detail, knock yourself out. Here are some of the better options.

Diggiloo Thrush
Sadly no longer updating (and if you fancy taking this on, get in touch with the site owners), but if you want lyrics and trivia up to 2013, this is where to go.

Eurovision Apocalypse
A veritable plethora of weirdness from this sites very own Mr Hacksaw!

ESC Buzz
The place for all your ESC news in one handy place.

Finest chat site in all of Eurovision-dom

Eurovision Ireland
Ireland’s favourite Eurovision site!

Eurovision World –
Recommend the up-to-date calendar if you need reliable links to stream national finals.

ESC Nation
A busy Eurovision message board. Shoots down time-wasters and rumours meaning major news providers (especially Swedish tabloids) go here to source stories.

ESC Today
Once mighty, these days still good.

Official Site. Comprehensive, packed, but (necessarily) as bland as bland can be.

Comprehensive though can tend to ‘over report’. It’s one of the best non-critical sites out there if you need to know everything and need to know it first.

ESC Xtra
One of the finest sites known in existence!!

Busy site – though fiction sometimes overrules fact.

National Finals Homepage
A site without whom this one could not function!

Reddit Eurovision –
A well-run sub-edit that avoids the usual Reddit madness and is first with the news. Sure there are nutters just like anywhere, but for fast-moving facts there’s little to beat it. It’s where most site go to find their news.

Current biggest fan site, tends to speak regardless of if they have anything worth saying. But hard to deny that these guys work hard … and there’s little they won’t cover.

4 Lyrics
Need a national final lyric? – You know where to go!