13 October – Uncaring ’bout the wind

It’s Friday! Ignore the specific date, unless you’re a paraskevidekatriaphobe, in which case you’ve probably been in bed all day. Not me – I’ve been plodding on as ever. But for such a noteworthy date, I’ve got a noteworthy song for you to go with it. Why you may ask. Go on, ask why?

Let me explain. Late in 1998, our friends at the EBU relaxed the rule about which language you could sing in. It levelled that playing field, to coin a management phrase. And this song, by birthday Vanessa Chinitor, was the first one since 1978 to avail itself of a free language. For a song on second she finished half way which isn’t that bad. But she was a trailblazer for most songs since.

Vanessa is 41 today.

Gefeliciteerd/Bonne anniversaire, Vanessa!