14 November – A mullet is just for Eurovision, not for life

The 1980s were a fine decade. A decade of innocence. A decade of a fixed idea of Europe, with a single short show on a Saturday night in some safe city. And Frank Naef.

Of course, as that decade recedes into the distance, the fashions popular at the time will start to look a little silly.

However, some fashions looked silly at the time. Most notably the mullet. It’s fine if you want to hide that rather nasty protuberance on the back of your neck. But if you want to show off, it’s probably not the best one to have.

Our birthday boy Kari Kuivalainen thought otherwise. He wore his hairstyle with pride, and you can only admire him for that.

Kari is 56 today.

Hyvää syntymäpäivää, Kari!

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