2 September – We’re working on a light bulb that never burns out

Do you remember the time the contest went west? I mean, really west. It mainly goes north or east these days (except for where we’re going next year). But in 1993, the old cavalcade found itself in a cowshed in a field, kilometres from the nearest hotel and, probably, civilised bar. However, if you were the home country, you would leave it very pleased with yourself.

Among the highlights of Millstreet/Sráid an Mhuilinn in 1993 was a preselection in Ljubljana the previous month (where Estonia didn’t qualify), the last sight of Italy for four years, nailbiting final set of votes, and a singer whose husband had sang for their country one year earlier. That singer is today’s birthday girl Ruth Jacott. She was (and still is) a competent singer with a lyric that talked about asfalt, hurricanes and apple trees, and gave her a creditable sixth place. What more could you want?

Ruth is 57 today.

Happy birthday, Ruth!

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