Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2021 – Part 36 of 39 – Sweden

The very essence of the Swedish selection, Melodifestivalen, is a local song contest for locals where the winner just happens to go to the Eurovision – a bit like Sanremo but for schlager.

This year’s fan favourite is the Congolese born Tusse who has been shown around Sweden on a talent show, not a shocker there folks. 

Sweden’s Eurovision entries can all tend to sound a bit samey which reflects the nature of the selection process, I guess, stick with what plays well and hope to god that Europe like it.  I don’t know with this one. I should like it more than I actually do because it’s Sweden and it’s familiar and it’s well sung … and all the usual good stuff. But in the back of my mind, is a very loud voice going “meh” – I think it’s a bit too formulaic and too calculating that, for me at any rate, it just seems churned out and has no soul.

It’s written to win a song contest – the thing we’re all after.  Maybe I just want something deeper…

Phil’s score – 5/10

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3 years ago

Those who follow this site long enough, know what I think about the Swedish songs for the last decade.I find them to be a soulless product. This is no exception. It is polished and well produced like a Swedish product should be but there is nothing spontaneous in the song and everything is calculated, which live it lifeless. I think it’s supposed to be an anthemic song, but something is missing there. It fails to inspire or touch me in a way a song should be. I suspect a repeat of the last 2 years, loved by the juries, ignored by the televoters. Semi 1 is just a difficult semi and anything could happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if this turn out to be a surprise NQ, but this is really a wishful thinking