Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2021 – Part 4 of 39 – Azerbaijan

Efendi sings for Azerbaijan at Eurovision 2021

History really IS repeating itself here, because now for the third time in four reviews (and counting) a song title has been reused from Eurovision past. This time it’s this:

Although, if we’re being totally truthful they might as well have called this song ‘Cleopatra Mark 2’. If it’s possible to call plagiarism on a song you sung last year…

It’s even got the word “Cleopatra” in the verses, sung in exactly the same way, as if to embed into the casual fan’s head that this is the same song with a smattering of lippy, and presented as a new and fresh idea.

The question I have to pose is: in an age of #metoo, is it appropriate to be singing a song about a World War One spy who whored herself about to get a bit of information? That, dear readers, is a question only you can answer, but I’m certainly looking forward to her next song: ‘The fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies’. 

Efendi minces about on the video (as you might expect), with some alluring dancing and wearing a skimpy top … as do all her backing dancers. It goes straight for what Wogan would term the “grandad” vote. Is that a problem?

Well ‘Mata Hari’ knows what it is and what it’s doing, and if it’s comfy with that, all the better, but when you put this next to, say, Destiny and her song, it’s not very empowering. 

Phil’s Score : 3/10 with points knocked off for their blatant sauce!

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3 years ago

Azerbaijan 2020 version 2.0. There is nothing wrong in trying to copy a song that worked for you in the past and Azerbaijan is just does that. Is it a good song, no. Is it a fun song, sort off, because you just hear they were trying too much to make it a bit of fun product. Musically it’s quite repetitive and based more or less on one musical sentence. I suspect that Azerbaijan is going to throw everything including the kitchen sink to the staging and make a total mess of the performance.