Phil’s Eurovision Countdown for 2021. Part 1 of 39 – Albania

Anxhela Peristeri
Anxhela Peristeri

The OnEurope 2021 Eurovision Countdown is like that Marshall Cavendish Partworks I lusted after as a child (Robert Carrier – Carriers Kitchen, as you didn’t ask) – it will arrive in 39 parts!

Mo will pop up now and then with his ‘Countdown Party‘ – holding forth on the songs in order of appearance and waving a fishy basket at anyone who shows so much as a smidge of interest. I’m old-school and strictly alphabetical – and that means kicking off with Albania.

In a trend that is going to continue throughout this Eurovision 2021 Countdown, it seems that ‘Karma’ isn’t a remake of Anita Skorgan’s non-winning 1985 entry for Norway.

It is, instead, a song that could be described as typically Albanian at Eurovision. Anxhela certainly gives good face in the preview video and is flaunting her “assets” all across the screen at me, but I, like most of Europe, will not be dazzled by her charms or decoupage. 

The song is a pretty weak affair which, from the video, seems to be about the battle between good and evil. Either that or Anxela is two-faced! 

It seems  to have no hook on which to hang the ethnicity and overplays that card,which they have been using so well for so many years. I guess on a stage she’ll perform this well, but it leaves me with the feeling that this could have been so much more.

Phil’s score – 3/10

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3 years ago

It’s start with a bang and draw you in and than goes a bit quiet and it threw me out of the song.
Later the song goes back to the bang mode but it’s all one note and not very interesting.
As it sounds now, it all a bit cold and calculated while it is supposed to be warm and passionate.
Will it qualify- no idea. It has the benefits of being the only song in this style in semi final 2