Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 38 – Switzerland

It’s a return to the sad and introspective numbers now for our weeping Bear from Switzerland. Marius ponders the male relationship with crying and being in touch with your emotions. He illustrates it with a touching video including a small boy being argued over by his parents, implying that early childhood experiences such as these carry with you and shape who you are as an adult. The child dresses up in a suit of armour, but even this external barrier can’t remain impervious to the emotions around him.

I like this; Marius’ song is one of the better of this genre this year. It’s achingly sad, and once you combine the melancholy, subject matter and early running order it’s also got an ache of a different kind – a proper ball ache of a route to qualification.

I’m struggling with this lyrically; the talk of mountains crumbling and rivers running dry is dangerously close to cliché. But it’s the line about aeroplanes falling from the sky that sits most uncomfortably, especially as Marius seems to be likening it to boys crying. Being in touch with your emotions is a good thing, but a plane crash is tragic. I’m not sure it’s painting quite the picture he intends it to.

My marks: 7 points