Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 6 – Belgium

Belgium has tended to plunder its various versions of The Voice franchise to source their Eurovision entrant, and this year is no different. Jérémie Makiese won the latest series. And what a voice! Here he makes an early bid for one of Class of 2022’s best vocalists. It’s an R&B flavoured midtempo number with another familiar theme: getting over an ex-lover.

Jérémie features in a varied mise-en-scène flanked by dancers who put him hanging out with the boys to near religious tableaux. Jérémie meanwhile delivers a confessional from the back seat of a car, later revealed to be confessing to himself. I wonder what he has to tell himself?

As much as I’ve warmed to Jérémie, and as pleasant as the piano and string arrangements underpinning this are, it’s another introspective young man to add into the mix. It’s among the better examples, but you feel like they can’t all succeed. So much feels dependent on staging this year, and until we see that Jérémie’s chances have to remain in the balance.

My marks: 7 points