Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 12 – Estonia


Rarely have I heard a song start with such promise. A brooding spaghetti western backing track, a moody mumbled verse and then … nothing. After a first half-hearted refrain, things are back in mumble land and nothing truly happens for at least another minute. It’s only at the end that there’s any punch to the song, by which time, I expect most voters will have nipped through to the kitchen for another go at those more-ish cheesy bites.

As for STEFAN, he’s like a perfectly pleasant waiter forced to work in a restaurant that serves bowls of lukewarm piss.

I don’t hate it, but in a contest where most the other lads are wearing their miserable hearts on their sleeves, Stefan is going to struggle. It doesn’t help that his diction is so poor.

Mo’s Score – 2 Points