Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 27 – Netherlands

S10 – De Diepte

I’ll hold up my hands. When I heard Netherlands (The) planned on sending a 19-year-old rapper with minimal live experience to perform in Dutch, my assumption was that someone at AVRO TROS had just laid eyes on the bill for Rotterdam and vowed never again.

‘De Diepte’ is an icy-cool slice of electronic pop with a note-perfect performance by a beguilingly beautiful singer with a beguilingly beautiful voice. If I had to pick fault (and I do), everything runs out of puff way before the end, leaving a good half minute of la-la-la and ramble.

The video is an oddity, of course. She’s pining after her biker friend, getting a lick and stick tattoo and jumps inside a fridge quicker than anyone can say Boris Johnson.

Live, S10’s delivery is slightly less precise in the few performances I’ve seen, but not so much that it becomes an issue. Of late, the Dutch have tended to nail staging too. There’s every chance of a respectable top ten finish here – and that’s not what I thought way back when.

Mo’s Score – 7 Points