Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 36 – Spain

Chanel – Slo Mo

To give Chanel credit, this is far and away the best thing Spain has fronted up with at Eurovision in years. It’s joyous and fun.

Mostly in Spanish with the odd sprinkle of Spenglish, not that it matters as the few words I picked up from the subtitles made little sense. This sounds like an artist looking to launch a career in the Spanish speaking world – and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she does just that off the back of Eurovision.

The vocal is autotuned to high heaven and I rather suspect Chanel will be making ample use of the pre-recorded vocals on the backing track and at least one soundalike singer off stage. Choreography is key here. She’s sticking to the Spanish Eurovision rule whereby every dance song requires backing dancers who look to have mismanaged their sugar intake.

The video that arrives with ‘Slo-mo’ is huge fun and clearly has money behind it – even if there is a worrying interval for rainfall that, if reproduced on stage, would indeed see hips broken.

It’s a pleasing break from the run-of-the-mill entries RTVE have thrown our way.

Mo’s Score – 6 Points

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