Monty’s Eurovision Countdown – Germany


Perfect Life by Levina

Maybe it was the disappointment of two consecutive last places in the final that led Germany not to really care that much about their Eurovision entry this year? The national final was a dreary affair, with 2 of the plucky contestants only getting to perform cover songs and being booted out before the Eurovision rounds even started. This year the format had two songs already selected that those artists making it that far got to have a crack at. I never think this format is a good one; you just don’t know how suited to each song each singer will be, and you have to dump someone who might be perfect for it before you’ve had a chance to hear them sing it. You also have to have a song that’s middling enough that a diverse range of singers can take it on.

In the end the Germans were lucky enough to get the best combination possible from the choices they were given. I quite like this when it starts. It feels like a contemporary pop song, and the verse builds into the chorus nicely, but once it gets to having to finish the chorus it just feels like it runs out of anywhere to go, and the “that’s what you call a perfect life” section deflates it so strongly that you’re disengaged. It’s not a terrible song, but without fully delivering I don’t see this getting into any jury’s top 10, nor being the one that prompts sufficient televotes to secure more than a couple of points here and there. Far from being the recipe for a Perfect Life this feels just like the perfect recipe for a third accidental last place.

My marks – 5 points

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