Armenia: Up there with the best

Armenia’s Rosa Linn is back in her sticky note bedroom with Snap
Armenia’s Rosa Linn is back in her sticky note bedroom with Snap

Having seen lots of shots of Rosa Linn’s badly wallpapered bedroom, I was looking forward to seeing it in action today.

The performance starts small with Rosa on her bed, playing her guitar before setting it down to tear notes from the walls revealing symbols, notes and phrases.

There were a number of poor camera angels here – but that’s why we get rehearsals. I liked the fade-to-black moments that gave the performance natural breaks and beats.

Studio perfect

Vocally, she was the best I’ve heard. studio-perfect and then some. There are but a handful of performers this year with her level of control and texture. It turned an already lovely song into a treat for the ears.

Towards the end, Rosa Linn breaks out from her room and it’s initially spectacular, but I wanted one more thing. If she could have stepped down onto the stage to snap at the last second away from her room, maybe it would have taken a spectacular moment to a more fitting conclusion.

It’s still up there with the best of 2022. Armenia found its Eurovision vibe.

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