4 April – There is a light guiding my way

An outfit. It’s all about the outfit. Definitely all about the outfit. Oh, and there’s a song to perform too. But, for some at least, the outfit is a necessary part of proceedings.

Today’s birthday girl Nina Kraljić definitely had an outfit to remember. In fact, her first costume was designed to come apart, in order to reveal a second one. To start with, it was a good job there was a second frock underneath the first. But as the first was soooo big, it was obvious a costume change was in the offing. Nevertheless, she did enough to scrape through to the big Saturday night show, finishing not-last. We once thought it was only a matter of time before Croatia won. Whilst this was a disappointing result, it was at least a final place and we still hold out hopes for another Zagreb Eurovision.

Nina is 30 today.

Sretan rođendan, Nina!