9 April – Thinking of the day we met as sign of destiny

There’s a long list of countries that have never won our favourite TV show. Will one of them win this year in Turin? Or will it be somewhere dull?

However, there is one country that claims a win, even though it didn’t exist at the time it ‘won’. It’s Croatia, and while we can all agree that Zagreb has hosted a contest, Croatia was technically not the official nation at the time. But our Croat friends are usually willing participants, and have come close in some years – namely a couple of fourth places. In 2002 they sent today’s birthday girl Vesna Pisarović/Весна Писаровић, apparently the most photographed woman in the country. She came 11th. But undaunted, she wrote a song for Bosnian Deen two years later, finishing two places better. It goes to show that Ms Pisarović isn’t just a pretty face.

Vesna is 44 today.

Sretan rođendan, Vesna!