4 March – I couldn’t really help laughing

We often discuss the idea of a gimmick on here. Sometimes they work, like a job lot of waving cats. Sometimes not, in the case of a giant apricot stone. Of course, the gimmick doesn’t have to be inanimate.

Today’s birthday boy Søren Bundgaard tried three times, with his partner in crime Kirsten Siggaard Andersen. Their appearances were always something to behold and became the stuff of legend. Most legendary is the performance I picked today, because the star of the song was not Mr Bundgaard, but his daughter Lea. It was an interesting touch and one that reinforces the view that 1985 was the best contest ever. Hot Eyes’ song was by no means a winner, but it’s still entertaining.

Søren is 66 today.

Tillykke med fødselsdagen, Søren!