8 December – Dizzy and intoxicated, I drank of your love

Mr Phil asked me to pick this song for today. He’s obviously a secret fan, unlike most of Europe. But it participated in our favourite TV show nonetheless, so deserves to be played from time to time.

Cast your mind back to 1991. We were in a film studio storage unit. Our friends in Italy cleared a bit of space for some seats, and left some film memorabilia in stage, to remind us of Cinecittà’s heritage. They also threw in a competent hostess, a waster of a host, and a very angry scrutineer. All good stuff. Amongst all this was a contest of 22 songs. Someone had to finish 19th, and that ‘honour’ fell to the late Anders Frandsen. Sadly he died almost seven years ago, but here are his three minutes of fame.

Anders would have been 48 today.