Five more through in Estonia – That second Eesti laul Semi Final.

Eesti Laul

A second Eesti Laul semi final? – oh OK then.  Last week’s was good and this was of a similar standard in my opinion though the giving out of the results was a bit haphazard, again, my opinion – mine alone.

The 5 highlighted songs qualified to meet last weeks five in a grand final of song!

Song Performer(s)
Sky Eliis Pärna & Gerli Padar Q
Welcome to my world Evestus Q
(Can’t keep calling) Misty Frankie Animal Q
Spellbound Girls In Pearls
Tempel Indrek Ventmann
Young Karl Kristjan & Karl Killing (ft. Wateva) Q
Täna otsuseid ei tee Marju Länik
Koplifornia Metsakutsu
Knock knock Nika Q
Show a little love Rolf Roosalu