5 December – So I still look into the blue of your eyes

Have you ever seen a performance on a Eurovision stage that leaves you utterly dumbstruck? No, not in a Rodolfo Chikilicuatre sense. A performance where the singer gives it everything, and then some..

These types of performances often come from seasoned singer, like today’s birthday girl Patricia Kaas. She did her stuff in Moscow and gave us three minutes of sheer unadulterated joy. Few performances have ever been as intense as hers. You could imagine her singing her song in some cigarette smoke-filled sidestreet bar in Paris, towards the end of the night when it’s winding up and is starting to throw customers out. Anyway, she gave France one of its best finishes in the 21st Century, and didn’t even get a maximum. Still, this is a mesmerising performance if ever there was one. Sit back and enjoy.

Patricia is 54 today.

Bonne anniversaire, Patricia!