18 December – Without a parachute in the night?

You know how there are lots of jobbing songwriters out there. The ones that have a whole clutch of songs that they peddle around various countries. It’s not a new phenomenon.

It’s been happening since Jon-Ola was simply a gleam in the Norwegian milkman’s eye. Take, for example, 1989. An interesting year when we were in sunny Switerland. A certain Dieter Bohlen and Joachim Horn-Bernges wrote two songs that year, and neither one had a conductor. The other week was Thomas Forstner’s birthday, Today it’s the other guy from that B/H-B stable Nino de Angelo (né Domenico Gerhard Gorgoglione). Aren’t we glad he uses a stage name. In the battle of the B/H-B songs, Nino came off second. Was the other song better? You be the judge.

Nino is 55 today.

Frohe Geburtstag, Nino!