25 October – I see the clouds above

Are there times when you watch Eurovision and feel really old. There were, as you may know, contests in the 20th Century. That means if you have a memory of the 1999 show, it’s fair to say you’re almost 30 now.

But cast your mind back further, and you can find some real gems. I say gems, but today’s song was one of the biggest winners of all times. A score of 161, and a winning margin of 61 points. Eat your heart out Rybak! Anyway, today’s birthday girl Nicole (née Hohloch) had a song by our favourite jobbing songwriters Messrs Siegel and Meinunger. Despite Mr Siegel writing 854 songs for Eurovision contests, this remains his only winner! Ha ha ha. To be fair, this was a deserved winner and a darn good song. And a hit all over Europe. How many winners can make that boast now?

Nicole is 53 today.

Frohe Geburtstag, Nicole!