30 April – A shelter from the storm

We need to bear in mind that part performance is no guide to future performance. Some countries win, completely out of the blue, and then sink back into obscurity. Or a country could have one really bad rogue result amid a clutch of good ones.

That brings us to the Big 5, well the German bit of the Big 5 anyway. They were big hitters in years gone by, but fortunes have generally changed since the semi-finals. However, Germany was the last Big 5 country to win. A rogue result perhaps? Well, maybe, but today’s birthday boy Michael Schulte came fourth in 2018. Another rogue result, or the precursor to a resurgence of Germany’s fortunes? In his favour, Michael scored a maximum 24 points from both Denmark and the Netherlands, and lots of points from all over Europe (and Australia). Fair play to him, and ongoing proof that anyone can do well in the contest if they put the thought in.

Michael is 30 today.

Frohe Geburtstag, Michael