20 December – I can feel the tears on my face burn like fire

As you’ll know, there have been 64 contests. So that means 64 home entries. We had one yesterday, and we’ve got another one today. Are you excited yet?

Today’s birthday girl Άννα Βίσση/Anna Vissi was the home entrant in 2006, but more of that shortly. However, it was her third – yes, third – time as a named performer. She’d done the job in 1980 for Greece and then two years later for her native Cyprus. We could level a false-flag allegation at her, but the lines are blurred whether she’s Greek or Cypriot. Anyway, a proud Greece hosted the contest, so an internal selection picked a massive name to aim for the double. With today’s pick of song, she managed a ninth place. Maybe the broadcaster ERT was happy with this, as it meant they wouldn’t be bankrupt just yet organising a second contest. And in a nice twist, Lordi performed straight after Anna in the Grand Final. Is this her finest Eurovision hour?

Anna is 62 today.

Χρόνια πολλά, Άννα!