Wrapping up the first semi

Highway at a Meet & Greet during the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm.

Montengro: Now I quite like this as a song. It brings variety to the line up even if it’s not what I’d usually listen to. However, there’s really just no energy to the performance at all. It’s full of jerky camera shots and a superfluous dancer at the front but the boys just don’t really gel together on stage and it falls a bit flat. It’s a Montysaysno to Montenegro.

I popped into the arena for the first time for Iceland. It’s great. It feels smaller than it looks on TV. The Green Room is plonked behind the camera bank, blocking the view. Oh well, it’s only the singers.

I like Iceland, it’s regained the energy I saw in the national final, and the presentation is tighter. It’s very dark, mind. Those troubled Nordic souls, eh?

Bosnia next: Deen is dressed like a Gestapo officer and Dalal is wearing a voluminous crimson get-up. It’s still a bit messy when Jala comes out to rap, as he sounds so angry.

Malta is last of the semi-final rehearsals of the day. Ira has ditched the cloak in the first go in favour of what looks like a maternity evening gown. I’m not sure it’s meant to which is a little unfortunate, and it’s one of those questions you don’t like to ask in a press conference. It does feel as though lost the effect they were originally trying for.

Dinner time…

Monty x