Irish dancing – but it’s no Riverdance

Ryan's dancers
It is after all, the official sponsor beer this year

I was still having a beer when Ireland came on, but somehow that seems quite appropriate. Ryan standing with guitar, a female backing singer at the piano, and the dancers recreating the essence of the video, with park bench and lamppost. It’s a simple production, the first go of which had a little too much dancing, I felt. The two boys are a good addition in my view, but they need to enhance rather than be the main feature. There’s a short moment of snowfall near the end. Ryan’s good, but a little strained to y ears on the higher register, as I think he’s been every time I’ve seen him.

I also saw the final go, and by this the camera work and choreography seemed crisper, and the mix of Ryan and dancing a better balance. This isn’t really my thing, but I think his chances are no better or worse than before we saw this. I still think his opportunity o qualify depends less on what he’s doing and more on how the other competitors are performing. I’m not sure it’s a good idea for your fate to be so dependent on others.

Monty x

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Cathal Sheehan
Cathal Sheehan
5 years ago

I think this will get better with each run through, the concept is good but they just need a few more run through’s to perfect it. Like the ESCunited stream said kind of like Marco for Italy 2013 he is a complete professional and knows what he’s doing, he will give it the full welly come Monday & Tuesday night!