25 December – Love doesn’t follow logic

We sometimes ramble on about countries gearing up for a win. You can think of your R*ss*as or your Romanias or your Azerbaijans. But there’s one country who, arguably, could have won any time they chose. They were lined up to win in Rotterdam in 2020, until it all went wrong…

Back in 2013, a certain birthday boy Marco Mengoni rocked up to Malmö in typical Italian fashion, and proceeded to rehearse like he didn’t care, yet still make everyone sit up and think this could be Italy’s year. He did care, but wasn’t even trying. Perhaps he’d had instructions from RAI that they didn’t want to win until 2021. Still, it’s a class performance. Of course, Marco tried again in Liverpool and possibly – possibly – could have won if he’d wanted to. You have to admire his desire not to want to win.

Marco is 35 today.

Buon compleanno, Marco!