18 September – If you really love the love you say you love

Another Monday and another birthday, and it’s from our friends in Lithuania. As you’ll know, they often have an interesting selection process that seems to last some 51 weeks. Or is that just how it feels? This year’s paid dividends, but we all keenly await what 2024 has to offer. There are, of course, some Lits who try several times, some before and after a successful appearance.

Today’s birthday boy Sasha Son/Sasha Song (né Dmitrijus Šavrovas/Dmitry Shavrov) got to the party in M*sc*w in 2009, but also tried in 2010. It strikes me that Mr Šavrovas/Shavrov/Son/Song likes to cram lots of words into his song. He also has a nice line in cocked hats and has the ability to play the piano whilst walking away from it. What a star!

Sasha is 40 today.

Su gimtadieniu, Sasha!