Moldova – Well rumours were she….

Lidia Isac representing Moldova with the song

Was going to sing in French for a verse, in direct contravention of the rules!!  And it came to pass that’s exactly what she has done.  The question is, what has gone on in the background because this table says she is in contravention of the rules

“Changes to the lyrics, the artist or group (including its name), the title of the song and the language of the performance (i.e. all elements which appear in printed material such as brochures, CD covers and booklets) shall be allowed only up until the date of the HoD Meeting. Any later changes may be approved only by the Host Broadcaster, in consultation with the EBU Permanent Services, but in such a case an automatic penalty shall be applied.”

Well she’s done that – so what’s her penalty? – Different song?? – Different Singer?? – Monetary penalty?? – or, nothing….

oh the song… oh yes…. still crap😉 – it’s 3 minutes of meh!

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