12 December – Won’t you help me?

Funny how some coincidences come about. If you’re a fan of our favourite TV show, then you might have been variously pleased, disappointed or annoyed that you could or couldn’t get tickets for when the circus arrives in Rotterdam next May.

So thinking Netherlands, it interesting that today’s birthday boy come from that very country. In 2016, the Dutch sent today’s birthday boy Douwe Bob Posthuma. He was resplendent in tattoos in interesting places. After a hiccup in 2015, Bob has signalled the start of four (soon to be five) consecutive appearances in Grand Finals. His performance had one of those false endings that divide opinion. Not quite so with his fans as he managed fifth in his semi-final and then a coveted spot on the left-hand side of the scoreboard on the Saturday night.

Bob is 27 today.

Gefeliciteerd, Bob!