15 September – If you don’t believe it, come and see me I will teach you

Don’t you just love duets. Two singers for the price of one. A variety of voices. Maybe even something for everyone. And the antics of one can offset the skill of the other.

Today we have a duet, part of which was performed/rapped/sung by today’s birthday boy Alexandru Ionuț ‘Alex’ Florea. He’s the one with the facial hair if you hadn’t worked it out already. His pal Ilinca Băcilă gave us an interesting take on the yodel. Alex provided the rest. Except the cannon – someone else provided them. They had a fairly comfortable contest, finishing sixth in the semi-final and seventh in the Grand Final. Only two Romanian entries have ever done better. But Alex and Ilinca have a better claim: No other Romanians have scored more points in a Eurovision Song Contest. Good for them.

Alex is 32 today.

La mulți ani, Alex!