1 October – If you don’t mind, I will be here

We’re looking at a country that tries today. And it’s a country that’s become associate with one act. No, as of this year, make that two.

But the Most Serene Republic hat is San Marino has – occasionally – sent performers that weren’t Serhat or Val. They’ve taken part 10 times. Where have those years gone? In 2011, before the world had heard of our Val, RSM sent today’s birthday girl Senit (née Senhit Zadik Zadik). She had the tallest of orders, because her (adopted) country was still taking things seriously, but hadn’t quite got the touch of San Marino Major (that’s Italy). Senit did score a decent smattering of points, even though she didn’t get out of the semi-final. Even Albania had her ahead of eventual winners Azerbaijan. So don’t forget – there’s more to San Marino than Val and Serhat.

Senit is 40 today.

Buon compleanno, Senit!