14 November – I’m afraid of a new love

It seems that English rules these days. No, not the (sub-)national entity. I mean the language. It’s rampant in the presentation of the shows. It’s all pervasive in the press centre. And it’s the main tongue of song too.

So when a song comes along and does well that isn’t in English, it’s quite noteworthy, no? Well, it sometimes happens, as the brilliant Salvador and Måneskin have demonstrated since. But cast your mind back to 2007, when we had another winning song that wasn’t in English. It was from today’s birthday girl Марија Шерифовић/Marija Šerifović. She was Serbia’s début entrant and she only went and won the thing. She scored of every country competing except for Andorra, Turkey and Estonia (gulp). But who cares. It was a darn good winner.

Marija is 37 today.

Срећан рођендан, Марија!