30 March – Your body moves me, moves me

Have you noticed that some song titles have been getting shorter? There are a few this year where they’re only known by one word. Solo, Stay, Aijā, Eaea, Duje. Is it that the printers are running short of ink?

It’s always been the case, of course. For every Si tu aimes ma musique you’ll have an Él. For every Listen to your heartbeat you’ll have an Energy. And that brings me to today’s birthday girl Nuša Derenda (née Anuška Žnideršič). Her song in 2001 was Slovenia’s first top 10 finish and also had a one-word title. They’ve had more since, but she did it first. Would it have scored higher if it were not for the dancers? It’s easy to be unfazed by two gents dancing together now, but times were a little less progressive then.

Nuša is 54 today.

Vse najboljše, Nuša!