4 July – This is the day of the most beautiful dream

Some think semi-finals are a 21st Century thing. But they go way back, well to the 1990s. In 1996 so many countries wanted to take part that there was an audio-taped pre-selection to cut it down to a mere 23 songs. Seven missed out.

Luckily, today’s birthday girl Regina (née Irena Jalšovec/Irena Kogoi) was one of the lucky singers who made it to that stage in Oslo. Her song was actually written by her new (at the time) husband, as a wedding present to her. I suspect there aren’t many Eurovision songs that can boast that sort of story. Regina didn’t finish last in Oslo, but sadly found points hard to come by. Was she one of those singers who finishes 11th in a jury’s deliberations, so misses out on points? Most likely. But what did Regina care? She got her man.

Regina is 56 today.

Vse najboljše, Regina!