14 December – Pa pa ba pa pa pa… pa pa ba pa pa…

Today we have an absolute classic. You won’t be able to argue with me. Mr Phil of this parish will send the boys round if you don’t think this should have won awards.

But what is it? You might be confused. It’s old, but it’s in colour. And it came from a contest that had only 12 participants. Imagine that now? How would J**-O** S**d cope? Anyway, today’s birthday boy Henri Dès (né Henri Destraz) sang about travelling Europe and seeing the world, and the delights therein. No, not the Paris Péripherique. Just listen to the lyric to find out. And as you’ll discover, any song on the planet can morph into this song. Go on, prove me wrong.

Henri is 78 today.

Bonne anniversaire/Frohe Geburtstag/Buon compleanno, Henri!