28 April – Then the next, so suddenly, he came along

Do you like a close contest? That show where more than one country can win, even going down to the last vote. It’s less likely these days, with bigger scores and more countries.

The close contest did happen several times in the 1980s and 1990s. Aside from the tied first place, when there was a rule, in 1988 things went down to the Yugoslav (remember them?) jury, to give their scores. As we know, Switzerland won, beating today’s birthday boy Scott Fitzgerald (né William McPhail) by one point. On the plus side, Scott was no false flagger and he matched the winner on the 12s and 10s scored. Scott is still a firm fan favourite, so he’s not done badly. And he’s in the company of 14 other UK acts to be runners-up. He’s still a legend.

Scott is 73 today.

Happy birthday, Scott!