3 November – Pounding away, pounding away

It’s significant birthday time. Of course, every birthday is significant, as you’ve made it through another year unscathed. But I think those ending with a zero are just that little bit more special.

And so we pick today’s birthday girl. Only a short time after we celebrated a birthday from the same contest, who finished in the same position we get another one. They’re like omnibuses. In the eyes of many, the song by Lulu (née Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie, and now Lulu Kennedy-Cairns) wasn’t as good as Frida’s that we saw last week. What do you mean you’ve never heard Frida Boccara’s masterpiece? Then go back and look for it. Lulu scored from eight juries, and got half of the points available from Sweden. So someone must have liked it.

Lulu is 70 today.

Happy birthday, Lulu!