4 September – Where we promised our true love for all eternity

It’s time for a bit of nostalgia. I jest of course, as many of you were not around in the 1950s. And even if you were alive, you may not have remembered the decade. There weren’t many songs, but some of them are sure classics.

Our friends in the United Kingdom have been runners-up many times (but not recently). The first time they were beaten by only one country was in 1959 in France Well the late Edward Victor “Teddy” Johnson performed with his wife Pearl Carr in Cannes and lost out to the Netherlands. In the great scheme of things , who will be best remembered? A whimsical song about a little bit? Or a little birdie? Sadly, Teddy died in 2018, but Pearl is still alive.

Teddy would have been 100 today.