United Kingdom – We’ve seen a hell of a lot worse

Joe and Jake at Eurovision

My fears for this have partly been eased.  I’ve sat through Electro Velvet, Humperdink, Bonnie, Josh and I’ve cried a river of tears and had year on year of disappointment.

I’m sat in the press centre with a smug face.  You know what, as a performance this is not half bad.  Joe and Jake (or Jake and Joe) present a song that is workmanlike and efficient, the selfies on the backdrop look decent, the camera angles are already polished, the boys know where the camera are (which is a change from the aforementioned) – It doesn’t look silly – in fact it looks (and don’t say this too loud) … professional!

I know right! – a UK Entry performed by performers professionally!? – and it’s only 10.30 in the morning as well. Stop spitting your cornflakes out Europe! They walk about, they sing it well ( no out of tune things as far as I can hear) – The lighting looks like stadium lighting, the two drummers don’t look that strange on stage and the boys even hug at the end.

Again, don’t say this too loud but this will pick up votes not only televotes but juries as well.  It proves that a song doesn’t have to be musically complicated for people to like it and people will like it.  It has a sing-along quality that will make people smile, and as juries are people too … You know what? They might like it.

Result won’t matter here … except to the usual press of course. We will not be upset by the performance.