In Memoriam – France Gall

France Gall

OnEurope has received news this morning (7th Jan) that the winner of the Eurovision back in 1965 – France Gall – has passed away in Paris due to complications with Cancer.  It has been reported by Le Figaro that she had been hospitalised with a severe infection from the end of December and failed to recover.

Isabel Gall was born in 1947 and is best known to Eurovision fans for her winning song of the 1965 Eurovision “Poupée de cire, Poupée de son” written by the controversial French composer Serge Gainsbourg.  It has been widely reported that the double entendre that the song was had been lost on France Gall at a young age.

After Eurovision she found love with Michael Berger who sadly died of a heart attack back in 1992, but she found the strength to return to performing the following year by writing a song that reflected the love she had lost with the death of her husband.

It is widely argued that France Gall’s song started the trend for uptempo songs in the contest that we know and love and we should be raising a glass to her for setting the standard that we know so well today.

As she leaves the stage one last time, remember the song that brought her to our attention.


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