It’s Day 2 in the East London Press Centre

Goedemorgon Oneuropeans from the RotterdEast Ham Press Centre. It’s Day 2, and it feels like we’ve never been gone.

Lots to bring you today – 9 countries show us what they’ve got, kicking off with Cyprus, Norway, Croatia and Belgium before lunch, and continuing with Israel, Romania and Azerbaijan. Ukraine and Malta follow after a short tea break. Stroopwafel at the ready!

I’d usually use a morning post to regale you of the opening of the EuroClub or maybe a cultured evening out, getting to mingle with the local residents in ambient basements somewhere that’s usually found in the offbeat parts of town, but this is a very different Eurovision. I did however indulge in some European culture by watching an episode of Danish noir Forbrydelsen (it’s being reshown on the BBC) and I stayed up for the results of some voting, this one in our London Mayoral election. I was in bed and asleep before midnight. The ignominy!

At least I’m not brought to you through the traditional day 2 fug of having peaked too soon on the first night, although brace yourselves as some of us are heading to south London’s spiritual home of Eurovision the Royal Vauxhall Tavern once today’s proceedings are through.

Enjoy Day 2 with us and thank you once more for choosing us for your rehearsal news.

Monty x