Sunday, July 3, 2022

Eurovision Podcasts

Every now and then, Mr Phil turns into a proper broadcaster type and has a crack at that podcasting lark. It seems the good folk of OnEuropeLand like what they hear. They keep coming back, so just in case you’re not in with the in-crowd, here’s a handy place to start.

Latest podcasts

Podcasty goodness? – Well, not shitness at any rate!

Well as no one asked me to stop - I've started with Season 5 of the reviewcast. 1993 was never like this when I remembered...

OnEurope’s Nightly News – Episode Thirteen

Granted the definition of "nightly" has changed somewhat but, you know me, lazy to the last. Also, no need to guess the theme...

OnEurope’s Nightly News – Episode Twelve

In Lieu of having no Final first rehearsal blog because, well we're OnEurope Listen to this! And Damien got the theme right again yesterday!

OnEurope’s Nightly News – Episode Eleven

The Theme music rolls over!! - Gotcha?? Last night's Semi jury final highlights, and some lowlights.

OnEurope’s Nightly News – Episode Ten

Literally a Local news round up from last nights Semi Final Carnage. OK smart arses, guess THIS theme tune if you can.

OnEurope’s Nightly News – Episode Nine

I also know its not "at night" but something might be happening tonight that we might want to watch on the old telly box....

OnEurope’s Nightly News – Episode Eight

Yes I know its the Turquoise carpet - but you are not here for that. You are here for my thoughts! - Listen Below. Also,...

OnEurope’s Nightly News – Episode Seven

And on Day 7 Eurovision decreed no one was to have a rest. That comes tomorrow!!!

OnEurope’s Nightly News – Episode… Six or more?

And on the sixth day Eurovision created man in his own image. Clearly riding a Rodeo horse! 

OnEurope’s Nightly News – Episode….. cinq!

Are you getting sick of Mr Phil teasing you with his theme tunes? Do you want to know just *how* bad on a scale of...

Literally NOT the Nine o clock news from OnEurope

Day 4 and your daily Eurovision news in roughly 3 minutes, but closer to 4.5 today. Whats the TV Theme today listeners??

BONG – The third days news in briefs…. matron

Yes your 3 and a bit minute round up of everything that has gone on today via the medium of me going blah blah...

BONG!! – This is the news at Just about Half past...

Not been arsed to read 9 press conference worth of reports? - You are clearly just the type of person thatt this website needs...

The news according to OnEurope – Day One special!

BONG.  Here is the first of the nightly news briefs from OnEurope  - I might even do one tomorrow if you are really fortunate. ...

A Christmas Special – we’ll it’s “Special” at any rate

Merry Christmas! OnEurope decides to depress the hell out of your Christmas by taking apart the 7 song 1993 Eurovision Preselection in glorious detail -...